Cratered & Icy Callisto Moon of Planet Jupiter Solar System Space 3/4" Charm for Petite Pendant or Bracelet in Silver Tone or Gold Tone

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Callisto artwork print charm depicts one of the moons of Jupiter, Callisto. Callisto is heavily cratered & has a rocky, icy surface. The artwork is sealed and displayed under domed glass.

The charm is silver (or gold) plated brass, round and is approximately 3/4 inches (19mm) in diameter. The jump ring is silver (or gold) plated brass and is approximately 6mm in diameter. While the charm is water resistant, it is not waterproof. It should not be worn during bathing, showering and swimming.

Callisto is one of the moons of the planet Jupiter, 5th planet from the Sun. It is slightly smaller than the planet Mercury and is the 8th closest moon to Jupiter. It is composed of equal amounts of rock and ices, and its surface is old & cratered. It is brighter than the Earth's moon since its icy surface reflects more light. The bright areas contain ice, and the dark areas lack ice. Callisto is named after a nymph, one of Zeus's many lovers in Greek mythology.

Introduced in our 2014 Collection.

The charm is available in either silver tone or gold tone.