Falling Leaves w/ Genuine Metallic Copper Autumn Leaves Vanity iPhone 5 / 5s Cover Case

$ 54.98 $ 130.00

This iPhone 5 / 5s vanity cell phone cover features falling autumn metallic copper leaves. The leaves are genuine copper metal leaf. Metal leafing is the application of a very thin foil to a surface which creates a shiny, metallic look. In addition, the foil cracks & crinkles, giving the copper leaves a somewhat distressed look. The design is sealed for protection and does not extend to the sides. Since the copper is sealed, it will not patina over time.

The vanity cover is black hard plastic and will protect the iPhone from scratches & scrapes but does not offer an appreciable buffer against drops. Please use with care. The top and bottom sides of the case are open to allow access to the power button, microphone jack, adapter outlet and speakers. The case snaps on to the phone.

Premiered in our 2015 collection.

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